I'm Mark McGuire (aka TronPaul). I'm a software developer who's day job currently involves clojure, java, puppet, and other languages from time to time. In my spare time I work on my own projects, play videogames on my PC, read science fiction and fantasy, and listen to music.

Personal Projects

Configuration management for my servers both physical and cloud based. It's written with salt which is run in masterless mode. Also contains the Cloudformation template for my servers in AWS.

Favorite Games

Team Fortress 2
My number one FPS. I play this competitively in UGC's Highlander league. I've played in the Steel, Silver, and Gold division as Scout and Sniper and I hope to play in Platinum some day.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
The FPS I wish I was good at. I call this game the "thinking man's shooter". DM (deathmatch skill) will only get you so far. You need to know when to play aggressively and passively, grenade locations, rotations and many other things. The pace of matches is very tight and a close game is very easy to be caught up in.

Favorite Books

Cryptonomicon [Neal Stephenson]
Stephenson's writing style is my favorite to read. It was confusing at first, but I feel that he captures the thought patterns of his characters well. The three threads of the story come together in an almost crack-fic like manner.
Pandora's Star, Judas Unchained [Peter F Hamilton]
The number of characters is daunting, but the way the story comes together in the end is wonderful. The world Hamilton envisions in this series contains very interesting takes on a distant future including immortality, criminal sentences, and other things that flesh out his universe.